Looking back. Moving forward. 20 years GOR.

A data visualisation of GOR's conference proceedings since 1997

Date: 2019
Duration: 3 months
Project Type: Data Visualisation
Software: Excel, SPSS, InDesign

My Role

This poster was a contribution to GOR, one of the most influential conferences in Germany on online research methodology. I co-authored the paper and was involved in all stages of the process. However, my personal focus was on data collection and analysis.

The Challenge

Our goal was to visualise all past contributions to the GOR conference in order to identify trends and relevant topics. The biggest challenge was to extract the abstracts from the conference proceedings and analyse all the unstructured data.

The Process

  • Data collection & data cleansing
  • Data analysis, i.e. keyword density
  • Visual storytelling & data visualization

The Outcome

Already during the conference, many participants stopped by and shared their personal findings with us.

Of course, our intention was not to compete with the academic posters in the annual Poster Award of the conference. We simply wanted to give a tribute to GOR. All the more we were delighted that our poster was well received and recognized with honourable mentions in the final award ceremony of the conference.

Download Poster (PDF)