A smart card box for copy writers

Date: 2018
Duration: 6 months
Project Type: Website MVP
Software: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL

My Role

This website is a personal side activity to explore opportunities of a digital card box. For pragmatic reasons, I have the roles of the designer, developer and lead user at the same time.

The Challenge

The personal value of a card box increases the more intensively it is used by a given user. You need to have taken a lot of relevant notes before you can get any added value out of it. This makes it almost impossible to quickly assess the user experience with a prototype that lacks functionality. Instead, a MVP needs to be tested over a longer period of time.

The Process

  • Exploration & Ideation (based on Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten)
  • Web development of a MVP for taking notes
  • Keeping track of my own user experience (drivers and barriers towards creating the habit of taking notes) and iterative improvement of the MVP
  • Extension of the MVP: finding notes, establishing relationships between similar notes, composing texts and exporting them

The Outcome

Most of the content that I have created during the last years has started as a collection of notes in cardweasel. The tool has helped me to keep track of my reading and speed up the research when collecting material for new texts.

However, I’m still assessing and further developing cardweasel on a regular basis. I still have plenty of ideas and directions to explore before making a decision about the final concept.

What’s next? At the moment, I’m totally fine with having developed a solution for my own problems alone. But maybe someday I will invite users to see if someone has a problem that corresponds to my solution.